Lasting Power of Attorney

Imagine an elderly parent becoming so ill or infirm that they are unable to carry out day to day financial transactions. Imagine a loved one being involved in an accident and receiving permanent mental damage.

Then think about the consequences of the next of kin being unable to deal with their personal and financial affairs. Money might be needed from bank accounts to provide for their care or to support young dependants. A house might need to be sold to fund a move to a more suitable home.

The next course of action will be to apply to the Court of Protection for Deputy-ship of the person's assets. Apart from the time this might take against a background of distress and concern for the welfare of the individual, costs can run into hundreds of pounds and be chargeable for many years until the person makes a recovery or dies. Also, the Court will ultimately decide who looks after the person's affairs, not you.

Enduring Power of Attorney from Peace of Mind WillsPeace Of Mind Wills can draw up a Lasting Power Of Attorney.

This document is worthwhile considering. Once drafted, it is stored and may never be used. However, at any time in a person’s life, if they suffer, physical or mental incapacitation, then close relatives or friends nominated in the document can take control of that person’s affairs within weeks at a fraction of the cost of applying for Deputyship.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA's) will enable you to specify who you want to look after your financial affairs AND/OR your personal health and welfare.

Customers with existing Enduring Powers of Attorney will be unaffected by the changes under The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and will still be able to use the documents to help manage the financial affairs of a loved one for whom they have been appointed an attorney.

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