Executors and Trustees

What's the difference between an Executor and a Trustee ?

In most estates today, it is common to appoint the Executors as Trustees. The main difference is that the trustee is the person responsible for making the decisions that maintain the estate whilst it is held on trust before it is given to the beneficiaries, and the executor is the person that carries out (or executes) the actions in the Will eg applying for probate.

What does an Executor have to do ?

It is difficult to go into great detail here, but the main role of an Executor is to carry out the wishes of the deceased’s estate.

Should my Guardians be Executors ?

It is very common for the guardians to be executors. It normally follows that if you trust someone to take care of your children, then they should have some form of access to the assets of the estate to provide for your children.

How many Executors can I choose ?

You can have as many Executors as you like, but the Law only allows a maximum of four to act at the same time.

Does it matter if my Executors live abroad ?

No, although it is always prudent to have some executors in the country in which you are residing.